To rebuild the secondary school at Shree Bachchhala Devi High School using earthquake proof method and to provide ongoing support through school resources, student counselling, ongoing education programmes of excellence for teachers and students , support the sponsorship program for higher learning , and to provide health and dental clinic support at the school.

The Shree Bachchhala Devi Higher Secondary School Rebuilding Project Proposal Document (PDF - 2.5Mb)

BACKGROUND : The Shree Bachchhala Devi Higher School was completely destroyed in the Nepal Earthquake of April 25th 2015.

Satyadevi, Dhading

Dhading district is a part of Bagmati Zone. Dhading covers an area of 1,926 square kilometres (744 square miles), had a population of 336,167 according to 2011 census. DhadingBesi is the district headquarters.

Dhading is the only district of Nepal, which ranges from the mountain Ganesh Himal to the Churevawar Pradesh of Terai (Chitwan). The mountain range “Ganesh” is the predominate mountain range located within Dhading.

map nepal

Fig 1: Map of Nepal

Dhading is a very rich district in terms of nature and culture and it is easy to fall in love with its beauty. Agriculture and livestock farming forms the main occupation. Some other minor occupations include tailoring and other small businesses. Unfortunately most young adults go out of the district for work or study to either Kathmandu or abroad to countries such as India, Korea, Saudi, Malaysia, United States and Australia. This exodus of young people from agriculture has resulted in older people having to do all the farming work and also, as they age they lose the cultural tradition of young people looking after them.

There are two roads that leading to Dhading District, one is via Rasuwa District and the other via King Prithivi Highway,which connects Kathmandu and Pokharaand runs through the southern portion of the district.

satyadevi 21Because of a landslide that has blocked the road, it takes seven hours by vehicle from Kathmandu to Khimtang and a further 3 and a half hours walking to reach Satyadevi.

Satyadevi is a Tamang community with only two households of Newars and few of Brahmins. Satyadevi is rich in natural resources like medical herbs and has a very fertile soil hence most of the people’s occupation is agricultural farming.

There is a health post with limited facilities and only one health assistant. This health post was damaged during the earthquake.

The earthquake that occurred on 25th April 2015 caused considerable destruction in Dhading in general, and in Satyadevi in particular. There were 42 death and more than 100 people injured in Satyadevi. Most houses, schools and temples were destroyed; only one house was still standing. There were seven schools in the community and all of them were red marked to indicate they were unsafe for use.

Most of the houses now have been rebuilt through the help of community people.

In the case of two-story houses where the upper floor was destroyed they have been made into one-story houses by removing the upper level. Families whose houses were destroyed completely have made temporary houses in their fields by using wood and roof sheeting that were either donated or salvaged from damaged houses.

REBUILDING: Shree Bachchhala Devi Higher Secondary School

satyadevi 15Shree Bachchhala Devi Higher Secondary School is the only school, which provides higher education. Other schools provide education till primary level i.e. till class 5 only.

Shree Bachchhala Devi Higher Secondary School was established in B.S 2032 as a primary school. This was when Dhading was within Rasuwa District boundary. The classes available at that time were from class 1 to 7. But in B.S. 2041 when Dhading became a separate District it was recognized as a secondary school and by B.S 2044 the school produced a new batch of S.L.C students. Slowly by B. S 2065 the school also produced a new batch of +2 students as well. Though the students do not have as many choices for their +2 studies as students in Kathmandu or Pokhara, they do have the choice of Management and Arts.

As of B.S 2072 (A.D 2015) the school has 677 students - 376 girls and 330 boys from class 1 to 10 and the students of +2. Students come from all nine VDCs in Satyadevi

In Satyadevi VDC parents prefer to send their children to school as early as at the age of 4/5 as part of their Early Childhood Development Education.

As stated earlier, after the earthquake, all classrooms and offices in the school have been made unsafe and therefore not usable. A temporary learning centre has been made by community members with materials such as tarpaulins and roof sheeting donated by some agencies.

satyadevi 12PROJECT GOAL - To rebuild the school with the introduction of new technology and community participation.


  • To analyse the building for rebuild.
  • To rebuild the school with new technology.
  • To encourage Community’s participation for development of community.
  • To restore the studying environment of the students in strong building.


Prefab or prefabricated are buildings built in components (panels), modules or transportable sections, and may also be used to refer to mobile homes i.e houses on wheels. Prefab is eco- friendly, as offsite fabrication reduces wasted materials, as well as reducing waste energy in fabrication.

Building prefabricated school would be providing and fixing 50mm/ 75mm thick non asbestos Fibre reinforced aerated cement concrete (FRACC) sandwich modules made out of light weight fibre reinforced aerated cement/ concrete core composed of Portland cement, fly ash, binders etc., and non-asbestos fibre cement boards on either side of the core, having a tongue and groove on longitudinal side of the modules. These Panel modules are erected/ installed using galvanized iron steel tracks including all necessary material required for erecting and fixing the wall panel complete as per direction of engineer- in- charge.

Advantages of Prefabricated Housing
  1. Earthquake resistance.
  2. Easily assembled and durable.
  3. Easy Workability- no special tools required.
  4. Groove joining system allows faster construction.
  5. Strong and Durable.
  6. Sound insulation and heat insulation.

A long discussion with the community members was held and everybody agreed on prefabs. They chose prefab realising that although cemented had a long lifespan they were not safe during earthquakes as they had just found in the recent earthquakes. Their reason for choosing prefab was they have tried the old method and saw them failing and now they want to give a try to a new technology.

Their saying was

“Puranojamanagayo aba palo cha nayaprabidhiko”. (old generation has passed and it is time for new technology)

After the selection of building method the discussion shifted toward which rooms to be included in the planning of the school and how it should be planned. It was decide the following rooms would be included:

  1. Classrooms (12)
  2. Toilets (3)
  3. Experiment Lab (1)
  4. Computer Lab (1)
  5. Library (1)
  6. Office Rooms (3)
  7. Teachers’ Quarter (1)- Optional

Proposed Project Activities

  1. Demolish the half destroyed school buildings.
  2. Give training to the community people on how prefab housing is done.
  3. Clean the school area and remove all demolition material.
  4. Rebuild the building with new prefab technology.

1. Demolish the half destroyed school building

During the field visit it was observed that the surroundings of the school have been cleaned but the buildings itself has not been destroyed yet. The existing school buildings need to be demolished before the construction work starts. The project plans to remove the buildings with the help of community members.

2. Give training to the community people on how prefab housing is done

At least one day training will be given to the community people (both men and women) to make them understand what really a prefab building is and to make them participate in the project. The project also focuses on Community’s participation to develop the community. The advantage of this would be that the community will be self dependent and they would be proud that they have built the school by themselves.

3. Rebuild the building with new technology

After the planning is finalized and the materials arrive at Satyadevi, the PeaceMakers plan to enlist the support of a group of engineers to assemble the materials under the supervision and instruction of our PeaceMaker engineer Mr.Sujan Shrestha. For assembling a volunteered help form community people would be appreciative and welcomed as one day training is already provided. During the field visit it was observed that there are more women than men in the community so, women’s participation is expected.

4. Clean the school area

“Clean up after you”; after all these work cleaning the school area will be conducted. A general cleaning of areas that got filthy during construction will be done.

Key Staff

SarinShrestha- Supervisor

PreetiManandhar- Documentation

YogendraAdhikari- PRA

Buddha Mali- Photography/ Photo Documentation

SujanShrestha- Presentation/ Site Measurement and Building Analysis

New Koplia Children's Home was established in 2014, to work for underprivileged, orphan, poor and neglected children who have not get opportunity for education, shelter and other basic needs. We are small trying to do some things for that kind of children .  Now we have 16 children from different parts of the country. they are 4 to 16 years age group. All of them they are poor, most of them lost parents. Some of children lost father, mother, home cause of earthquake.

The Organization is register from local administration and get permission to do work for them.

We are thinking to every year add the some children  if the economically strength . so that we are going to work together other sponsor organizations and individuals, who are interested to work with us, help us.

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