There are different ways people will be able to donate to help us.

  • a “one off” donation to support a particular project.
  • by contributing to the “GOODWILL VILLAGE ” and becoming an important sponsor of the school in Satyadevi by making a regular, monthly donation.

Corporate Support

GOODWILLL VILLAGE will also welcome financial support from corporate philanthropies.

In-kind Donations

GOODWILL VILLAGE will also accept individual donations or collection of items such as clothing, toys etc or resourcing for the schools . .

We would hope that we can build a great rapport with the school in Satyadevi and would love to see more of our community members visiting Nepal and offering some volunteer help in the school if this would be deemed appropriate .Visitors and volunteers who visit the school, can manage to take some classroom resources with them as part of their luggage.



Name - Goodwill Village Inc.

BSB - 064-433

Account Number - 1108 4670